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Join us as we continue this immersive community that creates space for ideas to percolate, thoughtful conversations to unfold and a connection to something bigger than ourselves – the advancement of excellence in Christian education.

Join The CESA Collective

The CESA Collective will provide content and conversation to cultivate connection and collaboration as we unify our efforts to enhance Christian education, including:

  • On-demand “Short Courses” on a range of topics curated from the list of needs school leaders have shared including, but not limited to:
    • A series on strategic planning
    • Evaluation of the Head of School: The Board’s Role in the support and growth of Heads
    • Better Faculty Evaluations: Mission focus and professional growth
    • Board Evaluation: The role of self-evaluation in creating and sustaining effective governance
    • Legal Issues: Parent Relationships and Discipline
    • Legal Issues: Admissions and Re-Enrollment
    • Understanding our Students’ Experiences with and Beliefs about Gender Identity
    • Overcoming Challenges to Biblical Unity
    • Christlike Communication – The Right Way to Have Difficult Conversations
    • What’s Wrong with Anti-Racism and CRT? Why Secular Approaches Fail
    • 8 Steps to Becoming a Racial Reconciler
  • Live, moderated discussion groups
  • Online peer-to-peer community “check-Ins”

Who is The CESA Collective for?

The CESA Collective will feature unique strands for each of the following leadership positions, including position-specific discussions based upon a unique set of courses and moderated by our course leaders. While all courses will be available to all registrants, the curated job-specific experience makes the Campus Pass registration incredibly valuable to schools.

  • Heads of School
  • Board Members
  • Lower School Heads/Assistant Heads
  • Middle School Heads/Assistant Heads
  • Upper School Heads/Assistant Heads
  • Academic Dean/Assistant Head
  • Admissions
  • Development
  • Marketing/Communications
  • CFO’s/Business Officers
  • Christian Life/Student Life/Guidance Counselors
  • Diversity Directors
  • Faculty
  • A Cohort For CESA Schools preparing for the CESA Institutional Review

CESA Member of Council and Candidate Schools will receive their automatic registration link in September 2021.  Non-CESA Schools can register here.  The Collective Opens on October 18th, 2021.

Connecting and collaborating is just as critical as the content delivered from the stage. So rather than a one-time, three-day event, we began to think creatively about how we can bring the CESA Symposium experience to like-minded Christian school leaders from anywhere in the world. We’re thinking bigger than a one-time event and creating an ongoing, immersive experience to promote accountability, unity, educational excellence, and institutional best practices all year long.

Join The CESA Collective

  • Now, more than ever, we need each other for inspiration, challenge, and support one another as we provide the very best that Christian education can be for our communities.
  • The value of the CESA Symposium is and always has been the light bulb moments that happen when you meet, connect, and learn from your peers as well as be challenged by content our keynotes and breakout sessions provide.
  • The CESA Collective will not only give you on-demand access to incredible content that speaks to every aspect of Healthy Schools, but your entire leadership team can be engaged in a year-long live dialogue with like-minded Christian school educators from across the country and the world by registering for the campus pass.


Our Keynotes are designed to engage your thinking and create connections with your leadership team and other schools in your area.  Each keynote can be watched individually or in a group, and the accompanying discussion guide can be used to facilitate robust dialogue in response.  We would love to see local schools assembling  (safely) to discuss these leading thinkers’ contributions as well.

Beth Guckenberger

Back2Back Ministries

Beyond Compassion and Understanding: Healing our Communities

Michael Keller

Redeemer Lincoln Square

Our Identity: The Christian Alternative to Modern Culture

Perry Glanzer

Baylor University

The Quest for Purpose: The Collegiate Search for Grand Goals and the Good Life

Short Courses

All of our short courses can be accessed anytime through June 30, 2021. Each short course was designed to engage your thinking as you watch the course, but the connection and community in Christ will come with the live discussions facilitated by the Short Course contributors.
Take a look at the scheduled discussion sessions and
reserve that time in your calendar right away!

Our Sponsors

This event would not be possible without the support of our incredible sponsors. Each of these organizations provides the quality you would expect with CESA. Take a look at their pages and be sure to engage with them during The Collective.

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