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Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders to Transform the World for Christ


Faculty members at Valor Christian High School are charged with preparing tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ. Valor Faculty live out a compelling relationship with Jesus Christ, which is central to daily instruction and interactions with students, parents and team members. Valor Faculty are not only masters of the curriculum, but they see each student as the object of their affection and a unique individual to be known and loved. Faculty members prepare students for college and mentor students in all aspects of their academic and spiritual development.


Possess and Model a Growing Relationship with Christ

  • Pursue full devotion to Christ and live a life that reflects that authenticity
  • Model the fruits of the spirit in communications, relationships and daily work
  • Demonstrate teachability and a willing heart for service
  • Embody others-centered, servant-leadership in all interactions

Demonstrate Trustworthy Commitment to Valor Christian High School

  • Accept and uphold Valor’s Statement of Beliefs
  • Accept and abide by all affirmations in Valor’s Annual Statement of Commitment
  • Be relationally involved in the life/lives of our students with a heart of service and mission
  • Seamlessly and deliberately integrate Biblical truth and Christian values into daily work

Possess a Commitment to Instructional Excellence

  • Seamlessly and deliberately integrate Biblical truth and Christian values into curriculum and instruction
  • Implore meaningful instructional techniques and texture in the classroom to engage a variety of learning styles and promote critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and innovation
  • Provide a learning environment and classroom management style built upon mutual respect and conducive to student learning
  • Understand the curriculum of a wide range of business courses (Introduction to Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • Along with the other business teacher, provide leadership and support of flourishing co-curricular business opportunities for students beyond the classroom

Commitment to Student Centricity

  • Demonstrate a love for students and a desire to personally invest in their spiritual, emotional and social maturation
  • Invest in the lives of students through involvement in DECA, Life Groups, senior prayer partners, and other mentorship opportunities
  • Compassionately respond to the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of each student
  • Consistently partner and communicate with parents in the shared desire of student growth and ensure a successful transition to Valor
  • Engage in ongoing communication and collaboration with Valor team members in order to strengthen student performance and support

Serve Wholeheartedly as an Exceptional Teammate

  • Uphold and embody Valor’s culture as set forth in the Valor Culture Document
  • Model servant leadership, grace and love in all relationships and interactions
  • Develop relationships with colleagues with goals of teamwork, relational unity and spiritual growth
  • Provide team support regarding all matters, processes and initiatives
  • Demonstrate loyalty to teammates in action and word
  • Assist Team members to facilitate school-wide wins

Demonstrate a Commitment to Growth

  • Participate in Valor Team meetings, department meetings, and consistently collaborate with other business teachers
  • Demonstrate teachability and receptivity to feedback
  • Pursue professional/personal/spiritual growth and development
  • Participate in the broader ministry of Valor by contributing of time, talent and treasure beyond assigned role responsibilities


  • Department Chair
  • Business Team Members
  • Academic Dean
  • Academic Support Team
  • Parents and Students
  • Other Valor departments and Team members as needed


  • Valor excels in advancing Valor’s Student Outcomes including spiritual formation, college preparedness, and cultural engagement
  • Through business classes and interactions with the Faculty member, students will have the opportunity to experience God’s love and know that God has a plan and purpose for their life
  • Students will display college and career competencies in business
  • The Valor Business and DECA program will flourish and provide unique opportunities to students beyond the classroom


  • Advanced Degree in a related area is preferred
  • Preferred expertise and passion for DECA
  • Solid biblical and theological foundation and understanding
  • High School teaching experience preferred



SUPERVISOR: Business Department Chair

SALARY RANGE: $40,000-$75,0000

START DATE: 8/2/2021

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