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Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders to Transform the World for Christ

Team members at Valor Christian High School are charged with preparing tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ. Every member must live out a compelling relationship with Jesus Christ, which is central to daily instruction and interactions with students, parents and others in the Valor community.

In partnership with committed parents, The Academic and College Counselor provides support services to students, including academic, post-secondary, and career counseling. There is a strong focus on strategic academic counseling with students so they are prepared for successful admission into competitive colleges. It is also imperative to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually healthy Christian leaders that will be influential at the college of their choice and in the world beyond.


Possess and Model a Growing Relationship with Christ

  • Pursue full devotion to Christ and live a life that reflects that authenticity
  • Model the fruits of the spirit in communications, relationships and daily work
  • Demonstrate teachability and a willing heart for service
  • Embody others-centered, servant-leadership in all interactions

Demonstrate Trustworthy Commitment to Valor Christian High School

  • Accept and uphold Valor’s Statement of Beliefs
  • Accept and abide by all affirmations in Valor’s Annual Statement of Commitment
  • Be relationally involved in the life/lives of our students with a heart of service and mission
  • Seamlessly and deliberately integrate Biblical truth and Christian values into daily work

Provide Excellent Customer Service to Students and Families

  • Communicate promptly and effectively with students and parents
  • Process class requests and facilitate scheduling each semester
  • Consistently monitor a caseload of students to ensure their successful progression against the school’s graduation requirements
  • In concert with Academic Success, review eligibility for extra-curricular participation
  • Partner with Valor’s socio-emotional services department and the Dean’s Office to support students struggling with various difficulties and handle day-to-day issues that may arise

Support Student Post-Secondary Aspirations

  • Four-year academic planning, post-secondary, college and career planning
  • Prepare students so they become attractive college applicants
  • Assist families with college research, review application details, and support their application through a personalized letter of recommendation
  • Remain current with the changing college admissions process and related topics

Effectively Represent Valor’s Academic Brand to Colleges

  • Communicate in a thoughtful, timely and effective manner
  • Serve as a liaison between the college admissions representative and Valor students
  • Understand and present the overall academic data and profile information to colleges
  • Travel to promote Valor students and learn about the colleges

Serve Wholeheartedly as an Exceptional Teammate

  • Uphold and embody Valor’s culture as set forth in the Valor Culture Document
  • Model servant leadership, grace and love in all relationships and interactions
  • Develop relationships with colleagues with goals of teamwork, relational unity and spiritual growth
  • Provide team support regarding all matters, processes and initiatives
  • Demonstrate loyalty to teammates in action and word
  • Assist Team members to facilitate school-wide wins

Demonstrate a Commitment to Fulfilling Valor’s Vision and Mission

  • Assume collaborative responsibility for Operating Plan Goals and Fiscal stewardship
  • Be a ‘culture- keeper’

Demonstrate a Commitment to Growth

  • Participate in Valor Team meetings, Chapel and weekly meetings with Team/Supervisor
  • Demonstrate teachability and receptive to feedback
  • Pursue professional/personal/spiritual growth and development
  • Participate in the broader ministry of Valor by contributing time, talent and treasure beyond assigned role responsibilities


  • Dean of Academic Services
  • Academic Leadership Team
  • Lead Academic and College Counselor
  • Academic and College Counselors
  • Special Projects Coordinator
  • Registrar
  • Teachers
  • Academic Support
  • Deans of Students
  • Socio-emotional Services
  • Parents and students
  • Facilities Team
  • Event Support Staff
  • College Admissions Officers
  • Other Valor departments and team members as needed


The successful candidate will effectively manage his or her caseload of students and be a positive contributor to the Academic and College Counseling team. The role requires counselors to balance the relational investment with students and parents while nurturing the strategic interactions with college representatives. The candidate will support the various tasks and projects of the department that occur throughout the year like course scheduling, College Day, informational nights, and standardized testing. The role requires significant amounts of collaboration with the Deans of Students and socio-emotional services to support students when they are struggling with a range of challenges. The successful candidate balances these responsibilities while cultivating authentic opportunities to engage in Christian mentorship with students.


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in a related discipline; Master’s degree preferable
  • Solid biblical and theological foundation and understanding
  • Previous college counseling or college admissions experience is an asset
  • Administrative and customer service skills that demonstrate exceptional care for people and details
  • Strong critical thinking skills, ability to problem solve, quick learner and intentional relationship builder
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office, Naviance, Student Information System (SIS) databases and Google products
  • Efficient work pace, manage multiple tasks, and oversee systems and processes
  • Strong communication skills in written and verbal form


HOURS PER WEEK: Full-time with the occasional night, weekend, and summer work as needed

SUPERVISOR: Dean of Academic Services

PAY RANGE: $42,000-$57,000

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