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Position: Full-time Middle School Teacher
Reports to: Middle School Director

1. Is equipped to be a professional educator.
Professionally trained, caring, thoughtful individual who exude a passion and
expertise for the school’s curriculum. Through purposeful planning and
organization, faculty utilize a variety of research-based instructional strategies to
provide relevant and engaging work for our students. Faculty members
understand the importance of meeting deadlines, following policies, being
punctual, and producing accurate work.
2. Integrates technology as an instructional and productivity tool.
Employs appropriate technology for personal productivity, for communication with
parents, students, and staff, and for enhancing students’ learning.
3. Maintains individualized and high expectations for all students.
Recognizes the special gifts and specific limitations of students, and partners
with them to set high, yet realistic, goals for themselves. Student progress
towards goals is monitored and communicated through the use of Student
Learning Plans, report cards with narratives, conferences, and daily interaction.
4. Provides mission-consistent discipline for all students.
Expects developmentally appropriate behavior. When poor choices are made,
students are given fair and logical consequences with the goal of developing
internal student self-control. A redemptive purpose guides discipline.
Revised 4/6/21
5. Seizes opportunities to collaborate with colleagues.
Collaborates across grade levels and subject areas by supporting and actively
engaging colleagues with an attitude of openness and mutual respect.
6. Builds meaningful and professional relationships with all students and parents.
Shows respect and honesty in all relationships and maintains professional
boundaries. We exhibit integrity on and off campus while building godly
relationships with students and parents.
7. Facilitates proactive and constructive communication with students, parents,
faculty, and administration.
Keeps professional confidence. Models biblically-based conflict resolution using
Matthew 18. Communicates a balance of specific praise and precise concerns
using written and oral messages that are clear and grammatically correct.
Demonstrates compromise and grace to others and listens with open hearts.
8. Responds to needs of the whole child.
Values the importance of nurturing a child intellectually, spiritually, socially, and
physically. Individualizes instruction to meet the needs of the whole child and
varies teaching methods to accommodate students. Emphasizes personal growth
rather than competition with others.
9. Partners with parents to promote student success.
Uses a variety of communication methods to cultivate a team spirit with parents
to encourage and guide student ownership of education. Connects with parents
by sharing good news and having difficult conversations when necessary.
10. Models a thoughtful, balanced, Biblically-focused lifestyle.
Attends church regularly and devotes self to personal spiritual growth. Articulates
a growing and vibrant faith and models a Biblically-aligned professional and
personal lifestyle.
11. Champions life-long learning in self and students.
Models to students personal and professional growth by actively reading, writing,
and reflecting through the lens of a Christian worldview.
Revised 4/6/21
12. Projects a positive, Christ-like attitude.
Desires to be the light of Christ through our words and deeds (Matthew 5:16).
Conversations within the TCS community are constructive and edifying.
13. Embraces ownership of TCS through active contribution to school growth and
Demonstrates a passion for TCS by being public ambassador and advocate.
Understands that the profession is a calling, not a job, and puts forth extra effort
by engaging in school growth and improvement beyond our individual
14. Ascribes to The Christ School’s Biblical Standards for Christian Leaders.
15. Must be able to ascend/descend multiple flights of stairs and transport about 10-15
16. Must be able to effectively traverse possibly uneven ground to manage students.

To apply for this job email your details to topsahl@thechristschool.org

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