Middle School Math

Savannah Christian Preparatory School

Savannah Christian Preparatory School, a prominent school in Savannah, Georgia with a rich history and known for its strong liberal arts curriculum, seeks faculty for the 2021-22 academic year.  Working closely with other members of the department, teachers are responsible for classroom instruction, curriculum design, and the ability and desire to model courses around current trends in education while still providing a solid fundamental base.

Other skills and/or qualities necessary for this position are effective verbal and written communication skills; holding a core belief in Biblical integration within a framework of academics, with the ability to implement and expand such a framework; a genuine willingness to work closely with students and colleagues; a high energy level; and, of course, a good and enduring sense of humor!  A bachelor’s degree in the appropriate subject is required at a minimum; a master’s degree is preferred.

Additionally, all faculty members must:

Display a personal and professional behavior reflective of the characteristics of a Christ-follower.
Reflect excellence in curriculum content, planning, alignment, and delivery.
Demonstrate expertise in instructional practices, management, and assessments.
Establish an engaging learning environment and positive student relationships.
Contribute to collegiality, community, and school expectations.

To apply for this job please visit savcps.exacthire.com.

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