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As a part of the classical tradition, Regents humanities courses seek to nurture students’ academic development as part of a larger, holistic path toward intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional maturity. As a part of this holistic discipleship, our modern language courses seek to instill in students:

·         a blend of grammatical proficiency and speaking fluency;

·         a broadened cultural perspective through exposure to the history and literature of other peoples;

·         spiritual formation and growing Christian maturity through academic discipleship;

·         an appreciation for community-based engagement and service;

·         a vision for how all our pursuits are part of a life of service to God and others.

Because Regents faculty model this life of holistic service to God and others, we seek faculty with a deep personal commitment to Christ in all areas of life. Academically, this means that we strive for personal academic excellence and have a growth mindset, committed to life-long learning and professional development. Our teachers also have a heart to minister to both our students and our community more broadly. Opportunities for academic discipleship and relationship building outside the classroom include our student advisory program and annual grade-level field trips. Successful teachers will also demonstrate personal professionalism and skill in classroom management.

Preferred candidates will have experience in teaching Spanish at all levels (through AP), with an emphasis in the upper levels on discussion-based literary analysis and exploration of significant cultural texts, historical eras, and literary themes. Applicants should also demonstrate a commitment to classical Christian education.

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