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The humanities departments at Regents School of Austin recognize and strive to fulfill their roles within the overall mission of the school, namely moving our students towards maturation as morally good people capable of appropriate and persuasive oral and written communication. The fundamental goal of these departments (theology/rhetoric, literature, foreign language, and history) is to produce young men and women dedicated to and informed by the Christian worldview who are capable of reading carefully and purposefully; thinking clearly, rationally, and compassionately; speaking thoughtfully and passionately with appropriate audience recognition; and writing in their own voice with clarity, conviction, structure, and style.

Within this broader vision, the literature department aims to develop young men and women who can read, enjoy, and appreciate literature in its various forms (epic, novel, poetry, plays, etc.). As we introduce them to major literary works and movements from the ancient world to our own time, we desire to cultivate a passion for language and ideas in our students in line with our belief that reading good literature well is valuable in and for itself as part of living a good and fully human life. Through literature, we train students in the essential skills of reading and thinking deeply about texts and what they mean for our own selves as creative and story-telling beings made in the image of a creative and story-telling God.

We have four literature courses in the School of Rhetoric: 9th Grade (Ancient and Classical); 10th Grade (Medieval and Renaissance); 11th Grade (Early Modern and Modern); 12th Grade (American)
While each course develops specific and particular themes and skills, there are four overarching goals for each literature course:

1. appreciation of works of literature as literature. We read generally to get answers to questions and to learn about a period, but we read literature primarily for enjoyment and what the author reveals to us about our common humanity. As a result, we read texts as books before we move to detailed examination. Analogy precedes analysis.

2. recognizing and analyzing the stylistic tools authors have used in various works in order to understand their meaning more deeply, and building a working acquaintance with the literary characteristics and concerns of any given historical period and genre

3. engaging in intellectual inquiry, including conversations about texts and their meaning, in order to further the common understanding of a literary work and its place in history and in our own lives

4. applying what they learn from these works about what constitutes good writing by communicating answers to literary questions in clear, elegant, and well-organized prose.

We encourage applicants who are committed to Christian education through the Classical method with a demonstrated ability of helping young people develop a love for reading; who have a love for learning; who are curious about and actively seek to integrate their reading to their spiritual life and growth; and, who want to join an intellectually vibrant and supportive team of teachers to apply.

Qualified candidates will have at least a Bachelor’s degree, three years of relevant classroom experience, and Christian maturity that demonstrates a desire and capacity to create a healthy classroom environment and develop a commitment to learning in students. Successful candidates will have experience and expertise in the following:

*Understanding pedagogical skills and objectives in a classical, Christian model.

*Teaching through student discussions and extensive researched writing assignments while providing timely and instructive evaluation.

*High self-understanding, interpersonal communication, self-organization, and motivation.

*This position will regularly interact with students, parents, faculty, and administrators and requires strong interpersonal competency and the ability to build trust and rapport.

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