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2021 -2022 Fine Arts Dance Teacher

Position Summary

The dance program at Regents glorifies God through movement in an exciting, positive, and productive manner.  Each course is cumulative in nature thereby creating an overall program that allows students to grow and challenge themselves with each year of participation. The program aims to mature students’ abilities and vision for what they can accomplish artistically, technically, and to the glory of God.  All classes, within the Fine Arts division, develop a foundation of classical ballet and jazz training, while also exploring other various dance genres including contemporary, hip hop, and drill. Students learn proper foundational technique and proper stretching and strengthening exercises.  All School of Logic dance classes participate in both Winter and Spring Demonstrations, while School of Rhetoric dance classes perform in the Spring Production.  The program includes an additional branch of performance: the Knightline Dance Team, an auditioned dance troupe that has competed very successfully at the TAPPS Dance Championship and performs at home football games.

Our Dance program is seeking a full-time Dance Director who is able to continue building on the foundations of the excellent dance program already in place.  It will include teaching entry level dance courses to middle school girls, intermediate and honors dance to high school girls, and coaching the Regents Knightline program during and outside of usual school hours. The ideal candidate will have the ability to inspire a love of dance through teaching a variety of dance styles and techniques, while discipling the hearts of middle and high school students.

Primary Responsibilities

Live out a Christian lifestyle and clearly demonstrate a Christian worldview in daily actions.  See Philosophy and Doctrinal Statement on our website for more information.
Provide support and instructional excellence to every student.
Actively support and promote the school’s philosophy, mission, and goals.
Work cooperatively with fellow-staff members and administrators in curriculum design, assessment and implementation as it pertains to specific grade levels and programs.
Regularly communicate and work cooperatively with parents to meet the needs of students.
Manage all faculties of the Knightline troupe including, but not limited to, uniforms, camp, practices, and performances.

Qualified candidates will have at least a Bachelor’s degree, relevant training, at least three years of relevant experience, and Christian maturity that demonstrates a desire and capacity to create a healthy environment and develop a commitment to mentoring students. All full-time teachers must sign our Philosophy and Doctrinal Statement – see our website for more information.

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