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Position: Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Reports to: Assistant Head of School- Academics
Classification: Salaried, Full-time, Exempt

Mission: To assist Christian parents by helping equip students to embrace biblical truth, strive for academic excellence, and model Christ-like leadership to influence their homes, churches and communities for Christ.

Employee Profile:
Spiritually, the employee shall possess characteristics that reflect:
• Acceptance without reservation of the PCA doctrinal beliefs
• A strong clear Christian testimony.
• A mature, godly spirit
• A person of faith and prayer

Personally, the employee’s life shall reflect:
• A lifestyle of biblical integrity
• A spirit of dedication, commitment, flexibility, and responsiveness
• The ability to listen and respond to counsel.

Position Overview:
The PCA Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction assists and monitors all school programs and discussions related to the school’s curriculum, school improvement plans and accreditation. S/he works closely with senior administration regarding all aspects of school improvement: staff training on effective instructional practices, research on technology integration and various learning model related to technology, formative and summative assessment tools for evaluation of school performance, and the development of goals and new initiatives for improvement. The Senior Director assists divisional principals with schedules, forecasting of needed personnel and ordering of curriculum supplies, textbooks and resources. S/he leads or assists with peer interviews for all instructional staff and gives feedback to administration. The Learning Lab program, school-wide Speech and Communication Studies program and the STEM program are his/her responsibility as well.

The Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction is a good listener and effective communicator as s/he collaborates with faculty individually, in small groups, and large groups and assists all areas of school personnel. S/he has the leadership skills to lead groups of teacher in a collaborative environment as well as train all stakeholders. The Senior Director is detail orientated as s/he analyzes a myriad of assessment data from a variety of tools leading to improvement of the instructional process as well as orders and inventories all instructional resources. S/he serves as a gatekeeper of PCA’s curriculum and instructional practices in regards to alignment with the mission statement and core values. The Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction has a servant’s heart and is flexible with her/his time and resources as s/he works closely with all instructional leaders at the school and participates on several school-wide committees i.e. Technology Steering Committee, PCAplus Leadership Team, all divisional leadership teams, and new assignments as assigned by Head of School or Assistant Head of School: Academics, etc.


Duties and Responsibilities:
• Accreditation:
o Oversees the process and guides the steering committees for accreditation and the School Improvement Plan

• Coordinate Curriculum Development and Review
o Implements, monitors, and facilitates all curriculum discussions regarding standards.
o Leads all vertical teams, literature review committees and periodic specific curriculum committees.
o Designs and produces all curriculum deliverables: Divisional Curriculum Guides, Curriculum Maps, Curriculum Scope and Sequence, PCA Standards, etc.
o Represents school’s curriculum program to stakeholders.
o Monitors school’s website related to curriculum.
o Assists Academic Leadership with the monitoring of the sequence of skills and knowledge being taught in the classrooms.
o Assists division heads in selection, creation and implementation of new courses and programing.
o Helps principals develop consistent policies and procedures that affect grading, homework, curriculum implementation, etc.
o Identifies and oversees a textbook review cycle.
o Oversees all budgets linked to Curriculum and Instruction.

• Support Faculty in Effective Instructional Practices
o Works with Assistant Head of School and Academic Leadership regarding staff development, implementation of blended learning, multiple strategies for instruction and biblical integration.
o Shares best educational practices related to curriculum, instruction and assessment through vertical team process and other venues such as: Team Leader meetings, Department Head meetings and Divisional meetings.
o Assists with training and mentoring faculty on biblical integration.
o Provides a layer of accountability and oversight in implementing the school improvement plan in each division.
o Conducts training sessions in instructional practices, strategies, and techniques.
o Provides focused assistance through classroom visits to new and veteran teachers in coordination with administration.
o Oversees the use of Title II and Title IV Funds
o Assists the principals with faculty forecasts.
o Assists principals with teacher evaluations.
o Assists the Assistant Head of School and Academic Leadership with teacher accountability.
o Leads or assist with all peer interviews in regard to instructional staff
o Assists in leading professional learning communities.
o Attends conferences and trains when needed.

• Evaluate Assessment Methods and Data Analysis:
o Research formative and summative data programs for teachers and administration
o Monitors, analyzes, and produces overviews on data related to assessment, accreditation and the school improvement plan.
o Assists in the evaluation of assessment data and coordination of action plans to improve student performance.
o Assists Assistant Head of School and Academic Leadership in linking assessment data to instructional planning and delivery.

• Scheduling:
o Coordinates the creation of Lower School, Plano and North, as well as Middle School and Upper School North class schedules Creates schedule of teachers that overlap divisions.
o Schedule of teachers that overlap divisions
o Assists with monitoring the time on task related to curriculum implementation and core values.

• Programs:
o Partners with divisional leadership in monitoring/implementation of policies and procedures concerning the Learning Lab.
o Attends, as needed, Learning Lab student support plan meetings.
o Partners with divisional leadership in monitoring/implementation of policies and procedures concerning the Communication Arts program
o Partners with divisional leadership in monitoring/implementation of policies and procedures concerning the STEM program.

• Master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction or School Leadership
• Experience with curriculum writing, school accreditation process and testing data analysis.
• Knowledgeable and adept at applying different learning models to the classroom including, but not limited to, blended and online learning.
• Preferred working knowledge of student information systems and learning management systems i.e. Blackbaud, Canvas
• Proficient in Google, Mac Tools and Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, Power Point
• Prestonwood Baptist Church membership required.

Physical, Environmental and Mental Requirements
• Regularly standing and walking around the classroom lecturing and monitoring students
• Regularly sitting at the computer requiring repetitive finger motion and manual dexterity
• Close visual acuity required for viewing a computer monitor, preparing and analyzing data and figures, transcribing, and reading.
• Hearing – ability to perceive sounds at normal speaking levels with or without correction.
• Talking – expressing ideas by means of the spoken word to convey instructions to students, parents and other workers.
• Ability to communicate effectively, even in stressful situations.
• Primarily inside, classroom environment
• Occasional lifting of 5 to 20 pounds
• Subject to frequent interruptions and frequent deadlines


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