Bible Teacher

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Christ-Centered Educational Excellence

Role Summary

The classroom teacher will be responsible to help students achieve their highest potential through Christ-centered educational excellence.


Must attend all faculty meetings and other meetings as directed.

Must Perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School or Principal.

Log and maintain in a timely manner student grades, attendance, and assignments on the MVC Focus


Comply with the MVC Employee Handbook inclusive of the Standards of Conduct.

Live and teach Christianly.

Engage all students in learning.

Maintain an effective environment for student learning.

Organize the subject matter for all students.

Assess student learning.

Integrate skills and technology.


Must be in agreement with MVCS Statement of Faith.

Must agree to follow the guidelines, both on and off campus, of MVC Standards of Conduct.

Must have accepted Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.

Must maintain regular involvement in a church having a doctrine which is in agreement with the MVC

Statement of Faith and which is biblically sound in its teaching.

Must be actively pursuing a relationship with God.

Must have a bachelor’s degree from an ACSI-recognized college or university with educational and

experiential qualifications as deemed appropriate by the principal and head of school.

Must be certified through the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) with a minimum of

Temporary Certification, moving toward Standard and/or Professional Certification.

Must keep ACSI certification current.

Must pass criminal Livescan through the California Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of


Must be current on first aid and CPR training.

Maintain professional standards per the following documents: What We Do and Who We Are.

Personal and Spiritual Attributes

Must demonstrate spiritual maturity, a teachable spirit, a clear conscience before God and man.

Must have a workable knowledge of the Word of God.

Must integrate Biblical knowledge and principles into content area instruction.

Must be alive in Christ, with a heart that gladly responds to God’s calling, grace, Word, and the Holy


Must be humble and caring, with an unselfish heart, quick to listen, slow to speak.

Must be positive and engaging; with a forgiving, kind, free, and a joyful heart to encourage

students/colleagues as much as ideas.

Must be confident and growing, with a secure heart that fearlessly admits failure and welcomes feedback/

pushback in order to grow.

Must be an effective communicator, with a wise heart.

Must be tough on ideas and soft on people.

Must be Iterative, with a heart that loves to improve/revise and does not settle for mediocrity or stagnancy.

Must be collaborative, with an open heart that loves working together with others.

Must be eager to learn, with a heart full of passion for learning.

Must be smart and creative, with an adventurous heart that uses innovation to solve problems.

Must be organized and responsible, with a faithful and disciplined heart that pays attention to details,

deadlines, and policies.

Must be adaptable, with an open and flexible heart.

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