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Title: Director of Business Services

Purpose: Responsible for the administration and oversight of the Accounting & Finance functions of the school, Tuition Management, Risk Management, Document Management and Human Resource Management. The director of business services works with and supports the head of school, school board and executive team in accomplishing the educational and funding goals of the school.

Accountability: Reports to the head of school.

FLSA Status: Exempt

• Must be a Christ-follower who upholds, in word and deed, the Hill Country Christian School of Austin’s Core Values and Statement of Faith.
• Must faithfully attend a church whose fundamental beliefs are in agreement with the Statement of Faith of this school.
• Four-year Accounting degree, CPA license or MBA preferred, with a minimum of five years experience.
• Should have experience in or a general knowledge of accounting, finance, information technology, and business operations.
• Must have an understanding of and an appreciation for a Christ-centered, college preparatory school.
• Must possess strong interpersonal, writing, and presentation skills. Strong organizational skills are essential.
Skills: Solid working knowledge of accounting software, Microsoft Office, and Google applications. Must have excellent organizational, written/verbal communication, and interpersonal skills.


With respect to financial accounting and reporting:
• Coordinate financial planning and budget management functions.
• Ensure accounting program financial data is accurate and up to date to facilitate real time data relative to the school’s financial position in regard to cash flow, income and expense and balance sheet positions.
• Monitor and analyze monthly operating results and appropriate forecasts against budget. Provide detailed and summary level data that facilitates easily understood financial positions and promotes fast and accurate decision making.
• Oversee daily operations related to financial and money management.
• Implement appropriate monthly reconciliations between accounting program and other vendor software to ensure accurate and auditable transactions and provide early detection of any possible misappropriation.
• Manage the preparation of financial outlooks and financial forecasts as required outside of the normal monthly processes or as requested.
• Be the primary interface to the independent accounting firm for information and coordination of audits, public record filings and tax returns.
• Ensure compliance with local, state, and federal reporting requirements for sales tax, payroll and contractor payments, county property appraisal and workers compensation.
• Ensure appropriate cash handling and financial record keeping processes and procedures are in place to prevent misappropriation of funds. Provide recommendations and implement procedural improvements where necessary.
• Make recommendations on ways to reduce expenses and find efficiencies within school operations.
• Punctually attend all Finance Committee meetings as directed, prepared to distribute and discuss the school’s balance sheet through the previous month, the associated financial dashboard for the upcoming school board meeting and other financial matters related to the school, as directed by the Head of School.
• Ensure all staff working with accounting software is trained and aware of the specific school chart of accounts and accounting management procedures.
• Ensure access to the school financial data and records is restricted to only those with a “need to know”. Work closely with IT personnel to ensure appropriate systems access restrictions are in place and anyone accessing financial data has prior approval from Director of Business Services.

With respect to Tuition Management:
• Manage the school’s tuition assistance program working with the third-party vendor reports and make recommendations regarding individual student awards.
• Coordinate financial aspects of application, enrollment and re-enrollment processes with admissions department and tuition management vendor.
• Supervise bookkeeper who manages tuition contracts, and ensures all contracts are completed and payments are collected.
• Supervise bookkeeper who manages tuition account changes for withdrawals, additional fees, date changes, etc.

With respect to Risk Management and Document Management:
• Review school insurance policies annually to ensure adequate coverage in all areas – multi-peril, auto, umbrella, employment practices, directors’ and officers’, etc. Manage any changes or additions.
• Coordinate requests for Additional Insured insurance coverage for off-site school functions.
• Manage document retention and destruction according to school policy.
• Oversee the process for screening and obtaining background checks on volunteers, staff, and vendors.
• Draft and update as necessary school policies to help the school run smoothly and safely and to remain in compliance with laws and best practices.

With respect to Human Resource Management:
• Coordinate annual review and quote solicitation for employee benefits with insurance brokerage firm.
• Supervise the HR generalist to manage benefit enrollment and maintenance for all benefit plans.
• Supervise the HR generalist to ensure all benefit providers are recording enrollment changes accurately and in a timely manner.
• Supervise the HR generalist to track various governmental requirements such as COBRA, EEOC reporting, FMLA, FLSA, personnel documentation and employment policies and practices.
• Select content for and supervise assignment and tracking of required faculty/staff training for employee health and safety, CPR, child abuse, sexual harassment, etc.
• Provide payroll salary information to HR generalist and review payroll reports for accuracy.
• Record payroll transactions in the general ledger.

Other Responsibilities:
• Hiring, training, evaluating, and retaining competent staff to execute all functions for which this position has oversight responsibilities.
• Must exercise discretion and maintain confidentiality.
• Interact in a Christ-like manner at all times. Utilizes the interpersonal relationship method of “Matthew 18” as commanded by Jesus Christ.
• Other duties as assigned by the head of school.

Physical and Environmental Conditions:
• Will spend long hours sitting or standing at the desk. Will also have to do some lifting of supplies and materials from time to time.
• Will be located in a busy, sometimes noisy office. Will be faced with frequent interruptions and must meet with others on a regular basis.
• Must spend long hours in intense concentration. Must also spend long hours on the computer entering financial information which requires attention to detail and high levels of accuracy.
• There are a number of deadlines associated with this position, which may cause significant stress. Must be able to communicate clearly with a wide variety of people on various issues.
• Possible exposure to a variety of childhood and adult diseases and illnesses.


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