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POSITION: Cognitive Enrichment Specialist


REPORTS TO: Associate Head of School


POSITION DESCRIPTION: This employee provides instructional leadership at the school.  This individual is responsible for developing and providing a multi-tiered support system for students, teachers, and administrators. The individual is expected to provide effective and efficient professional learning for teachers to effect improved student achievement including but not limited to:  creating a culture of collaborative learning among educators, shared responsibility, data-informed decision making, implementation of evidence-based learning designs, and continuous improvement for improving learning for all students.  Daily job duties include administrative duties related to program implementation, instructional work with individual students and student groups, and collaboration/coaching educators.

Duties, responsibilities, and expectations of this position include but are not limited to the  following:

1. Planning:

✔ Monitoring the implementation and continued use of instructional programs to ensure  consistency with the school’s mission statement and educational philosophy

✔ Coordinating professional learning with staff/administration based on needs  assessments for the purpose of planning and developing appropriate instruction

✔ Facilitating and/or attending related program meetings

✔ Serving as a liaison between faculty and associate head of school to improve student achievement

2. Providing Support:

✔ Providing training/coaching to school personnel

✔ Assisting with the selection and production of instructional materials and  appropriate supplementary supplies

✔ Modeling appropriate classroom strategies and innovative research-based teaching  practices

✔ Conducting demonstration classes as needed

✔ Working with individuals and/or groups of students to enhance cognitive and academic achievement

3. Communicating:

✔ Communicating/coordinating the educational efforts of the new title?? and the classroom teachers

✔ Demonstrating/modeling effective communication skills and tools matched to the needs of various audiences and purposes.  Communicating with parents and psychologists as well as teachers.

✔ Disseminating information from conferences, professional meetings, and scholarly  journals to school personnel

✔ Providing input for the creation of timelines, calendars and schedules

4. Reporting

✔ Completing appropriate reports

✔ Providing an analysis of student performance data to drive curriculum and instruction  decisions

✔ Providing annual data and analysis of program effectiveness to the school and NILD

5. Other Responsibilities:

✔ Continuing active pursuit of personal professional development growth to enhance  position skills and professional effectiveness

✔ Completing other duties regarded as necessary by his/her immediate administrator for the  pursuit of academic excellence for all students with respect to curriculum, instructional  planning, and implementation


⮚ A bachelor’s degree

⮚ Earn National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) professional certification within three years

Please email a cover letter and resume to Dr. Joel Uecker, Associate Head of School, at

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