Middle School English Teacher

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A Bachelor’s Degree or higher in the appropriate teaching field and teacher certification (state or ACSI) or the equivalent.
Growing Christian with a credible profession of faith and involvement in an evangelical church.
Evidence of calling as a teacher and effectiveness with students.
·       A growth mindset and commitment to lifetime learning.

·       Commitment to a lifestyle above reproach in line with FPD’s Statement of Christian Principles and Ministerial Role of Faculty.

·       Proficiency using technology in instruction and the ability to learn new technologies.



Outstanding instruction, including:

·       Exhibiting a positive presence and affirming students and colleagues.

·       Preparing lesson and unit plans including appropriate objectives, activities, and assessments to support students’ growth and progress.

·       Maintaining and reviewing course curriculum maps to assure proper instructional priorities and pacing.

·       Effectively managing the classroom and implementing school expectations to maintain a positive classroom and school learning environment.

·       Effectively delivering instruction that facilitates active learning, utilizes a variety of instructional techniques and experiences, promotes higher order thinking and problem solving, promotes student collaboration, and challenges students to apply their learning in line with the FPD Core Values, Principles of Curriculum and Instruction, and Graduate Profile.

·       Maintaining academic and attendance records.

·       Effectively and proactively communicating with parents with empathy and a spirit of service and support.


Participating in the broader school program:

·       Building positive, Biblically based relationships with students, parents, and colleagues.

·       Faithfully and punctually fulfilling all assigned responsibilities.

·       Supporting students with reasonable attendance at school events.

·       Accepting responsibilities as assigned by administration (e.g., athletics and fine arts gate duties, supervisory and advisory responsibilities).

·       Exercising Biblical conflict resolution principles (i.e., Matthew 18).

·       Respecting privacy and maintaining confidentiality and handling money as necessary with integrity.

Exhibiting and promoting enthusiasm and unreserved advocacy of the school and its programs to the school community and the public.

To apply for this job please visit www.fpdmacon.org.

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