International Student Program Director

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Overview: Lead the International Student Program at First Presbyterian Day School (FPD). Uphold the mission and values of FPD while marketing the school to international families for the purpose of admissions to FPD’s International Program. Oversee the day-to-day operations and communication of the program, while building relationships with students and host families.

Administrative, Admissions and Recruiting

  • Read and become familiar with all ISP documents
  • Develop ISP documents and materials as necessary
  • Abide by and enforce all ISP rules and conditions
  • Serve as PDSO for the Student Exchange and Visitor Program
  • Issue and maintain accurate visa records and update information in a timely manner
  • Manage program budget ranging from areas of insurance to activities
  • Build and maintain relationships with recruiting agents
  • Create and provide marketing materials, videos and presentations as needed
  • Participate and contribute to best practices symposium and regional roundtables
  • Offer training and guidance to teachers and staff regarding international student challenges through symposium sessions, in-service activities, etc.
  • Travel internationally and continentally for recruiting and agent relations trips
  • Host and tour agents and families visiting the school and local area
  • Conduct virtual tours and meet and greets when agents and families are unable to visit
  • Serve as the communication link between the school and the students’ parents and agents
  • Assist applicants through the admissions process, securing required documents and conducting interviews
  • Communicate admissions decisions to students, families, and agents
  • Issue I-20s and assist students through the visa application process as needed
  • Help financial department communicate financial policies and balance
  • Send and receive completed enrollment documents
  • Onboard new students through orientation including assistance with insurance, banking and scheduling physical examinations for extra-curricular participation

Host Families

  • Recruit and screen host families
  • Conduct in-home interview and view and photograph the home (particularly the rooms to be used by the student)
  • Secure completed application forms, including information to conduct background checks on all adult members of potential host families
  • Assign students to host families and communicate to all parties including host families, students, parents and agents
  • Conduct host family orientation before student arrives
  • Support and supervise students and host families during the year
  • Supervise and coordinate activities with students and host families
  • Contact and interact with each student and host family at least twice a month
  • Be available to problem-solve as problems arise throughout the year
  • Conduct departure and reentry meetings for students and host families before students leave for the summer

Students and Parents

  • Maintain regular communication with teachers, coaches and staff to see how students are doing
  • Communicate monthly with parents regarding students’ progress and academic reports, send pictures when possible
  • Conduct video conferences with parents at the end of each semester to communicate teacher and host families feedback, grades and exam progress
  • Provide students and their parents with all required documentation before the students arrive
  • Welcome students at airport upon arrival and send off students at airport upon departure
  • Maintain communication with students and check in on how they are doing
  • Give students ongoing supervision and support throughout the year, including being available to problem-solve as challenges arise
  • Plan outings or events for students monthly (at least once per quarter)
  • Attend students’ events when possible (sports competitions, performances, etc.)
  • Celebrate special occasions, holidays and birthdays
  • Conduct departure and reentry training for students before they leave their home country and at the end of the school year

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