Director of Instruction & Innovation

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General Academic Program Oversight

  • Enhance effectiveness and efficiency of academic program.
  • Co-labor with and support Head of School in fulfilling mission of the school.
  • Provide research-based thought leadership.
  • Create an innovation strategy that is understood and endorsed by key stakeholders.
  • Employ innovation to differentiate the school in the competitive market, providing unique value to customers
  • Chair and oversee Academic Committee.
  • Supervise various academic budget areas (e.g., library, IS).
  • Oversee special academic projects and issues (e.g., curriculum guide, summer reading program, evaluation handbook, grading scale, Blue Ribbon School).
  • Advise, particularly related to innovation, academic, curriculum, and instruction issues.

Innovation Development: “Innovation is the process of creating value by applying novel solutions to meaningful problems.”

General Responsibilities:

  • Provide research to aid in school’s academic decisions.
  • Provide leadership to projects assigned by Head of School.
  • Research and find cutting-edge academic ideas for review.
  • Build a road map and associated timeline for innovation implementation.
  • Build and grow school innovation capabilities including technical and people-driven innovations.
  • Drive new growth opportunities by identifying, prioritizing, developing, and launching new academic services and academic business models.
  • Champion innovation internally and externally to influence the school’s brand and difference factors in the market to draw prospective families and prospective employee talent.
  • Develop strategies to address academic challenges school faces.
  • Research current trends in Christian education, K-12 education, higher education, student learning, student engagement, teacher professional development, etc.
  • Evaluate and review non-traditional delivery models for review.
  • Design Thinking – wonder & question, empathize, ideate, prototype, test, and reflection.

Organizational Leadership:

  • Develop forward thinking academic culture.
  • Network with outside contacts such as Christian school associations, various thought leaders, K-12 school leaders, higher education leaders, etc.
  • Work with principals to advance differentiation and instructional improvement.
  • Educate and engage various stakeholders related to the future of education.

Curriculum Development and Evaluation

  • Oversee curriculum development.
  • Oversee curriculum materials evaluation and adoption.
  • Oversee purchasing of curriculum materials.
  • Manage budget for textbook, consumable materials, and curriculum initiatives.
  • Study curriculum trends and research.
  • Advise teachers and departments on curriculum issues.

Instructional Improvement

  • Oversee and support principals’ faculty oversight of instruction.
  • Advise teachers, principals, and departments on instructional issues.
  • Instructional demonstration, training, and support.
  • Train and support use of instructional technology.
  • Assist in provision and oversight of instructional resources and promotion of their appropriate use (e.g., instructional technology, outdoor classroom).
  • Answer the question:  What resources do we have and what resources do we need to have to continually improve the student-centered instructional environment?

Faculty Hiring, Evaluation, and Development

  • Oversee, plan, conduct, and approve faculty professional development.
  • Manage faculty development budget.
  • Advise faculty and administration on faculty development issues.
  • Manage certification documentation (ACSI, CESA, SAIS).
  • Manage documentation of state-approved programs.
  • Document accreditation compliance.
  • Assist Head of School with faculty hiring and retention process.

School Improvement & Accreditation

  • Collect and analyze student achievement data.
  • Research current trends and research in curriculum and instruction.
  • Disseminate information to faculty and administration.
  • Supervise and document progress on School Improvement Plan.
  • Supervise documentation of compliance with SACS standards.
  • Complete annual accreditation reports.
  • Oversee 5-year accreditation review process, including self-study.


  • Periodic reports to the board and to constituents on academic and school improvement issues.

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