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Position Title:  CFO / COO

Reports To: Head of School

Employee Classification: Permanent Full-time; Exempt; Full benefit eligibility

Schedule: Calendar Year; Monday through Friday

Updated: March 2021

Position Summary
Fellowship Christian School (FCS) is seeking an experienced leader with demonstrated expertise across all areas of finance and business operations to partner with the Head of School as the CFO / COO.  Reporting to the Head of School, the CFO / COO will be responsible for the strategic management and oversight of all aspects of the school’s departments of Finance, IT, Facilities, Security, Transportation, Dining and Events. The CFO / COO will sit on the Head of School’s Leadership Team, along with the Chief Academic and Innovation Officer, Chief Advancement Officer, and Athletic Director.  Success in this role will require an ability to quickly gain an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the school’s educational initiatives and the business operations that support its mission.

This role will be pivotal in helping the Head of School lead the school through an organizational structure change, helping take it to the next level of excellence and position it for greater financial sustainability for the future.  The CFO / COO will need exceptional interpersonal and leadership skills for navigating a new organizational structure within the school and all operational departments for efficiency and effectiveness, engaging colleagues and constituents, and partnering with vendors to strengthen the school’s financial position and business operations.  The ideal candidate must be comfortable working on cross-functional priorities at a strategic and operational level, thriving in an intellectually engaging role that demands an elite level of excellence and collaboration.  The successful candidate will be flexible, innovative, and excel at “thinking big” while also recognizing the need to coordinate his or her team’s priorities within the broader structure of the organization.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Obtain knowledge and understanding of the 2019-2024 Strategic Plan and identify specific benchmarks and benchmark objectives that require ownership of and/or direction from the CFO / COO. Coordinate consistent, regular, and timely progress reporting with the Head of School.
  • Provide leadership to the Director of Finance who oversees Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, FACTS Tuition Management, and HR
  • Oversee short-term budget and direct strategic financial planning processes that support long-term financial goals and sustainability
  • Through data analysis of the organization’s history, financial goals, competitors’ data, and market trends, make recommendations to the Head of School and Board for consideration of each year’s tuition and fees
  • Determine the most desired financial reporting for Head of School and Board’s decision-making processes
  • Interface with current and prospective banking personnel, foster relationships, analyze current financial position and metrics, develop, and propose financial modeling for ongoing sustainability
  • Provide leadership to the Director of IT and his department for restructuring and realigning from primarily an educational focus to a business focus.  Understanding the priorities of technology in an educational context will be critically important in leading and collaborating with the Director of IT
  • Provide leadership to the Director of Facilities and his team.  Help develop efficient maintenance systems and help the vetting process of current and potential facilities vendors
  • Lead current and future construction endeavors by interfacing with architects, builders, City officials, and other entities as required
  • Provide leadership to the Campus Security Officer by assessing security needs and challenges. Lean into his areas of expertise and continue to provide opportunities for professional development and retaining credentials
  • Legal Matters – liaison with legal counsel, review agreements, contracts, waivers, and other documents pertaining to the business of the school
  • Risk Management – work with insurance broker on property, liability, workers comp, and student accident coverages. Oversee risk management policies to reduce the school’s exposure
  • Reserves – work with facilities to define, update targets and establish funding plan to reach targets
  • Manage new dining service / contract (effective 8/1/21) to include facilities, logistics, catering and P & L
  • Provide leadership to the Event Coordinator by assessing accuracy of job requirements, challenges of campus events, effectiveness of systems, structure and communication
  • Transportation – oversees all transportation matters, including carpool and bussing
  • And other tasks and responsibilities as assigned by the Head of School

Essential Expectations of This Leader

  • Shall have received Jesus Christ as Savior and shall be a member in good standing of a worshipping body of believers
  • Maintain an active pursuit of consistent personal and spiritual growth
  • Have strong emotional intelligence about self and others
  • Prioritize personal spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and relational health
  • Lead from a place of rooted identity in Christ with humility and a commitment to unity
  • Engage with the community in a way that builds trust through seeing each person as a divine masterpiece who deserves the very best customer care and respect
  • Engage in self-reflection and annual development of a professional growth plan
  • Make decisions, lead his/her team, and clearly articulate expectations based upon the school’s core values, attributes, goals, and expected behaviors
  • Support and clearly articulate the school’s identity, mission, vision, and values
  • Collaborate with the Leadership Team and Board in successfully fulfilling the Strategic Plan
  • Use detailed analytics and develop actionable metrics for the organization that translate into strategic plans with sustainable systems
  • Provide leadership, direction setting, and clear strategic focus to the multi-functional business finance and operations team to ensure accountability and delivery of strong results
  • Focus on talent management of the team, which includes effectively recruiting and developing the best, and creating an environment which motivates people to thrive in their areas of expertise and deliver on ambitious goals
  • Work effectively with the Head of School, Leadership Team, Board committees, and colleagues

Professional Qualifications

  • MBA preferred; Bachelor’s in business management or similar degree required
  • Minimum of 10 years leadership experience in related field(s)
  • Background in strategic thinking, conflict resolution, financial planning, and organizational leadership
  • Excellent business judgment, with a track record of generating ideas and solving problems independently as well as working collaboratively to propose viable solutions
  • Demonstrate ability to build lasting relationships and conduct negotiations with vendors to obtain preferable terms and winning solutions
  • Able to balance strategy with strong operational skills – able to understand, deconstruct, streamline, and optimize complex, large-scale business processes

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