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Established in 1984, Christian Heritage Academy (CHA) was founded on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ.  Our Mission Statement commends us to provide not only an “exemplary education” but to also equip children “to be lifetime followers of Jesus Christ.” This is the impetus for all we do at CHA.

The Head of School will provide inspirational and effective educational, spiritual, and organizational leadership for the school that builds upon our foundation and ensures a high quality education. He/She will inspire, motivate and empower all members of our community to carry the mission forward.


The Head of School will lead in such a way that the following are characteristic of Christian Heritage Academy:

·         Expected student outcomes thoroughly addressed through educational and experiential programs.

·         Educational programs that develop students who have a biblical worldview and who are well              prepared in all academic disciplines.

·         An academic program that is solid and designed to meet the needs of students.

·         Admission policies developed so that they coincide with the certification of teaching staff.

·         Clearly implemented channels of communication with staff, the school board and parent association.

·         A professional in-service program that is systemically reviewed and implemented for the academic and spiritual growth of the staff.

·         Leadership that is an agent for educational change and innovation.

·         Knowledge and due consideration of major current trends in education in general and Christian education in particular.

·         A strategic plan that is implemented and is reviewed annually.

·         An annual budget that is developed and managed on the basis of real cost-accounting principles.

·         Compensation packages that are in accordance with the corresponding positions and that recognize the worth of the staff in the school’s functioning.

·         Leadership decisions, relationships, and programs that are consistent with board policies.

·         Achievement and maintenance of accreditations.



·         Effectiveness educationally, spiritually, and professionally.

·         Staff recruitment that meets the professional standards of the school, with special attention given to diversity of staff as the school addresses the cultural, ethnic, and social issues within the community.

·          Learning experiences designed to enable students to reach their full potential in Christ.

·         Scripture taught as the revealed Word of God and truth, and appropriately integrated into the teaching and learning experience.

·         A community relationship that is positive, including presentations to groups to inform them about the contributions of Christian schooling to the public good.

·          Day-to-day operational practices that are a consistent model of integrity, efficiency, and accountability.

·         Evidence that the distinctive Christian education of its students is making a difference in their lives.

·         Meeting its operational objectives including a balanced budget through strong enrollment and fundraising.



The Head of School will do the following:

·         Attend each board meeting unless the board is in executive session preparing for evaluating the administrator.

·         Give a written report monthly or when requested by the board.

·         Perform all responsibilities consistent with board policies.

·         Keep the board informed of significant issues or potential crises through the board chairperson.

·         Serve as an Ex-Officio member of the Board and provide support as needed.



Spiritually.  The individual shall possess characteristics that reflect the following:

·         An unreserved acceptance of the school’s Statement of Faith

·         A strong, clear Christian testimony

·         A mature, godly spirit

·         A person of faith and prayer

·         A broad acceptance of and by the evangelical Christian community

·         A strong knowledge and understanding of Scripture

·         An active involvement in his or her local church

·         A servant leader


Professionally. The following shall characterize the individual:

·         Ability to articulate a Christian philosophy of education consistent with Scripture

·         Broad experience as a Christian school administrator

·         Demonstration of executive and management skills and presence; strong business acumen and understanding of financial statements

·         Effectiveness in oral and written communication

·         Deep understanding and empathy of the Christian school and the Christian school movement

·         Commitment to gender and racial diversity at all levels in the workplace

·         Evidence of being a team player who is responsive to the governing board and the school staff

·         Demonstration of leadership skills and the ability to motivate and inspire various stakeholder groups

·         Willingness to subordinate his or her personal agenda for the sake of the school

·         Openness to new ideas, initiatives, and concepts in education

·         Engagement in continuing education and professional development

·         Credentials that are appropriate for leading CHA and its faculty in its educational mission


Personally. The individual’s life shall reflect the following:

·         A life consistent with biblical principals

·         A model of God’s ideal for the family

·         The gift of listening and responding appropriately to the counsel of others

·         A commitment to Christian schooling as evidenced by having his or her K-12 school-age children enrolled in a Christian school

·         A person of integrity in the equitable treatment of others

To apply for this job email your details to lng@christianheritage.org

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