Part-Time Middle School Visual Art Instructor

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Part-Time Middle School Visual Art Instructor

Job Description

General Description

Job summary: Part-Time Instructional Faculty for Middle School Visual Art

Hired by: The Head of School

Responsible to: Director of Fine Arts, Level Administrators

Evaluated:  Annual written evaluation conducted by the Director of Fine Arts

Type of position: Yearly contracted position


This position will teach the Middle School Visual arts classes. This is currently comprised of 6th grade Art on a Quarterly rotation and two sections of 7th/8th grade Art.  Optional extra-curricular opportunities available, including art clubs and theatre set production.  Potential to be combined with another Part-Time MS teaching position.



Target Faculty Profile

·       Demonstrates a clear understanding and commitment to ACA’s By-Laws (including Article II, the Statement of Faith), Mission, Core Values, Philosophy of Education.

·       Models Christian values. Routinely shares and models personal testimony while pursuing the best reputation for integrity, spiritual leadership, unity, ministry, and grace at school.

·       Academically credentialed. Well-qualified professional who inspires students to greatness with a passion for learning. Uses innovative and creative instructional methods.

·       Genuinely loves students. Appreciates their unique God-given gifts and learning styles, holds them accountable to high standards, and challenges them to think at deeper levels while being committed to meeting the instructional needs of all students.

·       Builds relationships of trust and consistency. Communicates effectively with students, parents, peers, and administrators.

·       Demonstrates a collaborative style of work, and a spirit of problem-solving, envisioning, and joy in service

·       Membership in a church that embraces the historic Protestant Christian faith



·       Minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Art Education

·       Ceramics or Digital Art experience preferred


Instructional Responsibilities

·       Develop a program of visual art instruction that builds upon the lower school visual arts curriculum.

·       Build a desire within students for visual art classes in upper school.

·       Work in tandem with the other visual art teachers to develop a flow of curriculum K-12.

·       Develop and promote a Christ-centered redemptive view of the arts with students.

·       Maintain displays of student artwork at designated locations on campus.

·       Promote participation in local and regional visual arts competitions and events (Scholastic Art Competition).

·       Work with Fine Arts team to encourage participation in the arts.

·       Additional Fine Arts teaching responsibilities based on individual skill set and the development of the visual art program.


Organization/Vision/Leadership Responsibilities

·       Plan and execute a scope and sequence of instruction for visual arts classes using daily, weekly, and unit lesson plans.

·       Work with the Fine Arts Director to plan and execute visual arts involvement at concerts, events, and other Fine Arts activities

·       Establish a classroom culture of visual art learning across a wide variety of genres and cultural milieus.

·       Maintain a safe and orderly classroom. Manage the classroom in an appropriate, redemptive, and consistent manner.

·       Involve ACA students in visual arts activities in and out of school.

·       Through a variety of approaches and opportunities, instill a passion within students for creating visual art.

·       Maintain and manage the visual arts supplies and inventory.  Maintain shared visual art ceramics wheels, kiln and associated equipment.

·       Create extra-curricular visual art opportunities.


Other Duties as Assigned

Other duties related to the Fine Arts program as given by the Fine Arts Director.

Work cheerfully and productively under the leadership of the Fine Arts Director and alongside other Middle School or Fine Arts staff.
Exercise all necessary planning for the use of the facilities for visual arts displays and events with the Campus Manager.
Benefits Package and Courtesies

·       Salary

·       Personal day

·       Sick days

·       Professional development opportunities

·       Partial Health Insurance

·       Retirement plan available after one year of service.


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