Alliance Defending Freedom Partnership

In today’s culture, it is important for your school to be prepared and protected. The law is changing rapidly and new issues are arising often.

Legal issues can be difficult to navigate, costly, and time consuming. To help alleviate this burden from members of Council on Educational Standards and Accountability, we’ve partnered with ADF Ministry Alliance.

ADF Ministry Alliance is a membership program that acts as a hub for schools to gain access to experienced First Amendment lawyers who are available to answer religious liberty questions, conduct a document review and provide advice, and even represent your school in court if necessary and appropriate – it’s virtually all-inclusive for religious freedom issues.

ADF Ministry Alliance is a part of Alliance Defending Freedom, the largest religious liberty legal organization in the world. They have been working to clear the path for religious organizations to flourish in American society for over 25 years, and, without the work of ADF, our schools would be at a greater risk of not being able to exercise our missions.

Through our partnership, your school can join ADF Ministry Alliance at a discounted rate. Use the code CESA20 when you complete the 5-minute application.

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